Top 10 Best Iced Coffee Makers For Refreshing Summer Brews

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Iced coffee lovers, you know the struggle. It’s a sweltering summer day, and all you want is that perfect glass of cold brew to beat the heat. But making it at home can feel like a chore or maybe your homemade concoction just never hits quite the same as the café down the street.

Don’t sweat it; we’ve all been there, dreaming of an easier way to satisfy that icy craving.

Did you know? Research suggests that iced coffee isn’t just a summer fling for many Americans—it’s become a year-round trend! With growing demand, options for at-home iced coffee makers have expanded significantly.

In this article, I’m going to lay out the coolest (literally) gadgets on the market designed specifically for chilling your brew to perfection. You’ll get insights into each machine’s quirks and features so you can pick one that aligns with what YOU need—no more trial and error necessary! Dive in with us as we explore these refreshing delights.

Benefits of Using an Iced Coffee Maker

Using an iced coffee maker saves time and hassle. You can make delicious, chilled coffee at home quickly. No waiting in line or paying high prices at a café. These machines are simple to use.

Just add water and coffee grounds, then let the magic happen.

With an iced coffee machine, you get consistent flavor every time. It’s perfect for hot summer days when you crave a cool drink. They’re also versatile, allowing you to experiment with different coffees and recipes.

Make your kitchen feel like a personal coffee shop!

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Iced Coffee Maker

Before you dive into the world of iced coffee makers, take a moment to think about what really matters for your perfect cup. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where your personal taste, kitchen space, and wallet meet.

Keep these considerations in mind to snag an iced coffee maker that fits just right with your summer sipping style.

Size and Capacity

Think about how much iced coffee you want to make at once. Some cold brew coffee makers are perfect for one person, while others can serve a crowd. If you love hosting summer parties, pick a large-capacity iced coffee machine that can handle multiple servings.

For solo chill times, a smaller single-serve coffee maker does the trick.

Check the space in your kitchen too. A compact electric cold brew maker saves precious counter space and still delivers the cool drinks you crave. The bigger machines need more room but keep everyone’s glass full on hot days.

Choose based on your needs and watch your summer refreshments come to life!

Brewing Method

The brewing method can make or break your iced coffee experience. Some iced coffee makers use a hot brew method that quickly cools down the coffee, locking in bold flavors. Others are cold brew systems that steep coffee grounds in cold water over several hours for a smooth and less acidic taste.

The type you choose should match how you like your summer refreshment.

Hot and cold brewing systems offer different vibes for your morning cup. If you love strong, vibrant coffee, look for an electric cold brew maker or hot and cold coffee brewer that does both.

For those who prefer their drink mild but rich, a dedicated best cold brew coffee maker will be their summer companion. Moving on to price and budget considerations is next after deciding on the perfect brewing style for your chilled caffeine kick!

Price and Budget

After picking the perfect brewing method, think about how much money you want to spend. Iced coffee makers come in a wide price range. You can find simple ones for just a few dollars or fancy machines that cost hundreds.

Stick to your budget but also look for good quality. A higher price does not always mean better iced coffee.

Shop around before buying an iced coffee maker. Look at different models and compare prices. Read reviews to see if a cheaper model can make great coffee too. Sometimes, less expensive options work just as well as the pricier ones!

Durability and Quality

Durability in an iced coffee maker means it will last a long time. You want something that can handle daily use without breaking. High-quality materials like stainless steel or reinforced plastic are signs of a sturdy machine.

They resist wear and tear better than cheaper options.

A good cold brew coffee maker also has strong parts inside. It needs to keep working well, brew after brew. Look for brands with solid reputations for quality products. These machines often come with warranties or guarantees, offering peace of mind alongside your chilled coffee indulgence.

Top 10 Best Iced Coffee Makers for Refreshing Summer Brews

Quick Recommendation

For a quick recommendation, take a glance at our concise product list below or scroll down for more detailed reviews.

Comparison Table

Product NamePriceCoffee Maker TypeSpecial FeatureProduct DimensionsColorBrandItem Weight
Jura Z10$3,890.47Espresso MachineProgrammable12.6″D x 17.7″W x 15″HAluminum WhiteJura
Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker$19.99Drip Coffee MachineProgrammable11.4″D x 7.3″W x 14.5″HBlackMr. Coffee
Ninja Specialty$149.00Drip Coffee MachineMilk Frother, Programmable8.75″D x 11.99″W x 15.04″HBlackNinja9.24 pounds
Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve Coffee Maker$91.99CezveRemovable Tank15.2″D x 4.76″W x 12.14″HGrayKeurig
Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee PotManual3.7″D x 5.43″W x 11.57″HBlackHario
Mueller Cold Brew Coffee Maker$24.99Drip Coffee MachineRemovable Tank6.89″D x 4.41″W x 11.81″HClear/BlackMUELLER HOME
Homecraft Electric Iced Tea Maker$27.9914.9 x 11.7 x 7.6 inchesHomeCraft4.44 pounds
Primula Burke Deluxe$34.33Coffee InfuserDishwasher Safe6.88″D x 4.73″W x 7.68″HAquaPrimula
OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker$51.95Pour OverJug, Easy Cleaning, Removable Tank9.53″D x 9.53″W x 14.72″HBlackOXO2.51 pounds
Breville Iced Coffee Maker$299.95Drip Coffee MachineProgrammable, Thermal, Jug9″D x 14″W x 16″HBrushed Stainless SteelBreville14.90 pounds

1. Jura Z10

Your Ultimate Choice for Hot and Cold Brew Perfection


  • Makes both hot and cold brew coffee
  • Has easy-to-use programmable settings
  • Comes in a sleek aluminum white color
  • Fits on your counter with its size: 12.6″D x 17.7″W x 15″H
  • It’s an Espresso Machine for strong coffee lovers
  • Made by Jura, a trusted coffee machine brand

The Jura Z10 stands out with its cutting-edge 3D brewing technology. Imagine a machine that coaxes every bit of flavor from your coffee beans for both hot and iced drinks. This automatic coffee machine doesn’t just brew hot espresso; it rocks at cold brew too. Unlike the usual method where you cool down hot coffee, the Z10 uses cold water from the start, pulsed through coarse grounds at high pressure to craft genuinely fresh cold brews.

With smart features like Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.), this machine adapts in seconds to make sure every cup is ground perfectly for each type of drink – something your typical grinder can’t match. Plus, operating it is a breeze thanks to its speedy touch display and intuitive menu driven by artificial intelligence. For those who love variety, the Z10 delivers an impressive range of drinks right on par with your local café’s menu.

Our pick for number one isn’t just about great functionality; it’s also about bringing barista-level beverages into your kitchen effortlessly. The Jura Z10 excels as an all-rounder – providing refreshment during warm summer days with exquisite cold brews and comforting warmth when you crave a hot cappuccino or latte. It’s not just another coffee maker; it’s like having a personal barista ready at all times.


  • Discover the magic of true cold brew! The Jura Z10 uses a cool Cold Extraction Process for fresh, smooth coffee without the bitterness.
  • Say goodbye to guesswork with the P.R.G. feature! This clever grinder adjusts quickly to give you the perfect grind every time.
  • Tap and enjoy your favorite hot drinks faster than ever! The Z10’s snappy 4.3 – inch touch display makes choosing your cup of joy super easy.
  • Taste every note in your coffee! The eighth – generation brewing unit showers grounds evenly, making flavors pop in both hot and iced drinks.


  • The Jura Z10’s high price tag might make you think twice. It’s quite an investment, especially if you’re not a serious coffee aficionado.
  • You’ll need some space on your kitchen counter for this machine. It’s not small, and might crowd out your other appliances.
  • If you love simplicity, the tech features can be overwhelming. There are lots of options and settings to play with, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… or coffee!

Meet the coffee lover who demands perfection in every cup, hot or cold—the Jura Z10 Automatic Coffee Machine is their dream come true. They appreciate finely crafted Swiss engineering and crave a range of flavors from classic espresso to trendy flat whites. With this machine, they get an intuitive touch display and a grinder that knows exactly what they need. If you cherish both tradition and innovation in your coffee routine, it’s time to say hello to ultimate satisfaction with the Jura Z10—your gateway to refreshing summer brews and cozy winter cups!

Price: $3,890.47

2. Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

Best for Quick and Customizable Ice-Cold Coffee at Home


  • Makes iced coffee quickly with no wait.
  • You can set it up the night before using its programmable feature.
  • It fits easily on your counter, not too big or small.
  • Comes in a sleek black color to match any kitchen.
  • Known brand Mr. Coffee ensures quality and trust.
  • Simple drip machine design for easy use and cleanup.

The Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is a game-changer for coffee lovers who crave that perfect cup of iced coffee every time. Picture this: you wake up on a warm morning, and in less than four minutes, you’re sipping your customized icy brew just how you like it—bold and never watered down. No more wasted trips or waiting in line at the cafe! The magic happens with the easy-to-use measuring scoop and tumbler markings. You get the right mix of hot concentrated coffee over ice without any guesswork.

Let’s talk about saving money because let’s be honest—who doesn’t want to keep a few extra bucks in their pocket? Every time you opt to use this single serve machine instead of buying from a shop, those savings add up fast. Plus, it comes with everything you need: a 22-ounce tumbler and reusable filter which are not only convenient but also eco-friendly since there’s no need for disposable pods or cups.

Our pick as number two on our list comes down to its simplicity and environmentally friendly design—with pod-free brewing that delivers taste without waste. It fits perfectly into busy mornings or leisurely afternoons alike providing top-notch flavor quickly and conveniently. Whether taking your chilled drink on-the-go or enjoying it at home, Mr. Coffee makes sure your summer days are filled with the refreshing taste of homemade iced coffee.


  • Whip up tasty iced coffee in under 4 minutes, right at home with Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker – no more waiting in line at the café!
  • Save your cash for something special; making your own iced coffee means less money spent at the coffee shop.
  • Get that perfect coffee taste every time! Use the included scoop and easy-to-read tumbler markings to mix it just right.
  • Like your iced coffee unique? Add syrups or creamers to make a drink that’s all your own with this super customizable machine.


  • Limited to single servings: If you’re looking to make iced coffee for a group, you might need something bigger.
  • No hot coffee option: This machine is all about cold drinks. You can’t use it to brew a hot cup.
  • Needs manual cleaning: The machine doesn’t have a self-cleaning feature, so you’ll need to wash parts by hand.

Imagine the savvy saver who loves sipping smooth, chilled coffee on a sunny afternoon—this Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker is their perfect match for homemade brews that beat the heat without breaking the bank. Grab one today and transform your summer drink game!

Price: $19.99

3. Ninja Specialty

Best Iced Coffee Maker for Summer Espresso-Style Drinks


  • The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker has a built-in fold-away frother to make creamy froth for your coffee drinks.
  • It comes with a glass carafe that can hold up to 50 ounces, so you can brew plenty of coffee at once.
  • This machine offers a gold – tone permanent filter, which means you don’t need disposable paper filters.
  • It includes extra items like the Ninja Smart Scoop™ and a recipe guide to help you make great coffee.
  • It features programmable settings so you can set it to brew your coffee just how you like it every time.
  • The Ninja Specialty is designed to work on 110 volts and has an easy-to-use manual operation mode.

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is like having your own personal barista right in your kitchen. You get to play with four different brew styles: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, or the super-rich Specialty Brew. Say you’re craving a cappuccino; this machine turns any milk into creamy froth with its built-in fold-away frother. Plus, brewing iced coffee is a breeze. The Ninja ensures it’s never watered down, giving you that perfect cold coffee on a hot day.

This isn’t just about lattes and cold brews though; versatility shines here! It can handle anything from a single cup all the way up to ten cups in its glass carafe—great for when you have friends over or need that extra caffeine kick for yourself. There’s no need for pods either since the Ninja uses your favorite ground coffee. Easy cleaning tops it off because who wants to scrub after sipping their morning joe? Just pop those parts in the dishwasher and you’re good to go.

We’ve picked the Ninja CM401 as our number three because it gives you fancy coffeehouse drinks without stepping out of your door—or breaking the bank! Whether hosting brunch or needing that afternoon pick-me-up, this coffee maker covers all bases with ease and style. Your taste buds (and wallet) will thank you for bringing this game-changer into your summer days.


  • Make coffeehouse drinks at home with the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker’s super – rich concentrate option.
  • Save money and skip the pods; this machine lets you use your favorite ground coffee for a customized cup every time.
  • Cleaning is a breeze—all the removable parts are safe for the top rack of your dishwasher.
  • Enjoy your coffee any way you like it with 6 brew sizes and 4 styles, including over ice for a cool treat.


  • Takes up more counter space than a regular coffee maker.
  • The glass carafe can break if you’re not careful.
  • It might cost more upfront compared to simple drip coffee makers.

The ideal Ninja Specialty fan loves experimenting with coffee and wants every sip to taste like it’s straight from their favorite cafe, whether they’re craving a classic cup, a rich espresso-style drink, or a cold refreshing brew on summer days. Perfect your barista skills right at home—get your Ninja Coffee Maker today and transform your coffee routine into something special!

Price: $149.00

4. Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve Coffee Maker

Ideal for Quick, Custom Iced Coffee at Home


  • Brews hot and iced coffee with ease.
  • Slim design fits in tight spaces.
  • Easy to fill with a removable water tank.
  • Makes coffee quickly at the touch of a button.
  • Holds multiple cup sizes for different drinks.
  • Comes in a sleek gray color that looks good anywhere.

The Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve Coffee Maker stands out for its slim design and dual hot and iced coffee capabilities. It’s perfect for those mornings when you need a quick hot cup or an afternoon pick-me-up over ice. With the Brew Over Ice feature, it brews hotter to fully extract flavor, then cools down quickly to reduce ice melt. This means your iced coffee is flavorful without being watered down—the best of both worlds!

This coffee maker shines in convenience as well. The energy-saving auto-off turns the machine off after your last brew, saving on electricity bills. Plus, the My K-Cup feature lets you use your own ground coffee, offering customization for any taste palate. If you’re always rushing out the door with travel mug in hand, fear not—the removable drip tray makes sure that even tall mugs fit snugly.

For busy individuals or small kitchens, every inch of counter space counts; at less than five inches wide, the Keurig K-Slim + ICED is a game changer. You won’t have to refill water constantly either; the large reservoir lets you make four cups back-to-back—that’s morning caffeine sorted! Whether it’s sweltering outside or chilly indoors, this machine has got everyone covered for a delicious cup every time.


  • Use your favorite ground coffee! The Keurig K – Slim + ICED comes with a special filter.
  • Save energy easily. This coffee maker turns off just 5 minutes after brewing.
  • Take your coffee to go! It fits big travel mugs and has an easy – clean tray for spills.
  • Enjoy a cool, tasty ice coffee. It brews hot then cools it down for less melted ice.


  • Some mugs might be too tall, even with the drip tray removed.
  • You’ll have to buy the My K – Cup Universal Coffee Filter separately if you want to use your own coffee grounds.
  • The 46 oz. water reservoir may need frequent refilling if you’re making multiple cups back-to-back.

Imagine a busy coffee lover who enjoys a quick, personalized brew right at home. The Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve Coffee Maker is perfect for someone who values speed, convenience, and the delight of sipping iced coffee on hot summer days. If you love having your own ground coffee in just minutes and hate cluttered countertops, this sleek machine has your name on it. Grab one today and make every cup an icy refreshment!

Price: $91.99

5. Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot

Best for Simple Japanese-Designed Cold Brew at Home


  • Make cold brew coffee easily with the Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot.
  • The pot comes with a reusable filter to save money and reduce waste.
  • It’s a manual system, so you can make your coffee just how you like it.
  • Its dimensions are compact, perfect for small spaces: 3.7 inches deep, 5.43 inches wide, and 11.57 inches tall.
  • The sleek black color looks good in any kitchen.
  • Trust in the quality that comes from Hario, a well – known brand.

The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot makes it simple to create smooth, refreshing coffee at home. With its 5-cup capacity and 1000mL size, you won’t need to worry about running out of your favorite chilled drink on hot summer days. Its Japanese design isn’t just for looks; the high-quality heatproof glass from Hario ensures durability and taste purity. The fine mesh basket is a game changer—just add ground coffee, fill it with water, and let the fridge do the work overnight.

Using this coffee pot gives you control over your brew strength. A coarse grind brings out a lighter flavor while a finer grind offers more body. Plus, serving straight from this sleek pot saves time on cleanup; no pouring into separate containers needed! And when it’s time for washing, remove the filter easily and prepare it for another day of cold brewing goodness. Whether you enjoy your morning cup solo or share with friends during brunches on sunny patios, the Hario Mizudashi is a trusted companion in crafting that perfect cold brew every time.


  • Enjoy a big batch of cold brew with this pot’s 5 – cup capacity – keep the whole family caffeinated!
  • Trust in Japanese quality and design for your daily coffee ritual, thanks to its robust Hario heatproof glass.
  • Make pouring a spill – free breeze; this pot’s slender spout means you’re in control every time you serve.
  • Say goodbye to complicated clean – up; the removable mesh filter makes washing up quick and simple.


  • The Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot’s glass design looks great but can break if you drop it, so handle with care.
  • It makes up to 5 cups of coffee which might not be enough when you’re hosting a big group of friends or family.
  • Cleaning the fine mesh filter takes extra time – make sure to rinse it well so your next batch tastes just as good.

Imagine waking up to a smooth, chilled coffee made right in your own fridge. The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot is perfect for the coffee lover who appreciates simplicity and flavor. It’s designed for those who like to plan ahead and savor their cold brew at home without any fuss. If you love Japanese design and quality craftsmanship, this sleek black pot will not disappoint you. Make your mornings or afternoons even more refreshing with one of the top 10 best iced coffee makers around. Grab yours today and taste the difference in every cool sip!

6. Mueller Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Adjustable Cold Brew Maker for Smooth, Flavorful Summer Drinks


  • Makes cold brew coffee with ease.
  • Features a simple drip coffee machine design.
  • Comes with a handy removable tank for quick cleaning.
  • Has a compact size that fits nicely on your counter: 6.89″D x 4.41″W x 11.81″H.
  • Sports a sleek clear and black look that matches any kitchen decor.
  • Built by MUELLER HOME, known for quality kitchen products.

The Mueller Cold Brew Coffee Maker brings barista-level drinks right into your home. With its stainless steel mesh filter, you can say goodbye to buying replacement filters. This maker lets you taste coffee and tea like never before. Plus, the cold brew it creates is much less acidic than hot coffee. That means a smoother sip every time.

This 47 oz powerhouse stands out with an adjustable water flow feature. You get control over how strong or weak your drink is – perfect for those who love to tweak their brews. Cleanup is a breeze too; everything comes apart easily and is simple to wash.

Imagine sipping on a rich vanilla cinnamon coffee or a zesty mint iced tea that you made yourself! The Mueller gives you that chance by extracting maximum flavor with ease. It’s the go-to gadget for anyone craving quality cold brew at home, especially when the summer heat kicks in!


  • Enjoy a smooth, rich cold brew at home with Mueller’s QuickBrew technology – make up to 6 cups of coffee that’s 65% less acidic than hot coffee.
  • Adjust the water flow to brew your drink just right – slow it down for stronger flavor or speed it up for a quicker cup.
  • Say goodbye to paper filters; Mueller’s stainless steel mesh keeps your drink clear of sediment and lasts forever.
  • Cleaning’s a breeze – all parts detach and are easy to wash, so you can get back to sipping your perfect cold brew fast.


  • Needs regular cleaning: After making your coffee or tea, you’ll have to take apart the Mueller Cold Brew Coffee Maker to clean each piece. It’s a little extra work, but it keeps your maker fresh for next time.
  • Takes some experimenting: Finding just the right brew strength with the adjustable water flow means you might not get it perfect on the first try. Play around with it, and soon you’ll make drinks like a pro!
  • Glass carafe caution: The borosilicate glass carafe is strong, but it’s still glass. Handle it with care so you don’t end up having to replace it if it breaks!

Imagine kickstarting your summer mornings with a smooth, chilled brew that’s just perfect for sipping under the sunny sky. The Mueller Cold Brew Coffee Maker is made for coffee and tea lovers who crave quality and flavor in their cup. If you adore experimenting with tastes like vanilla or cinnamon, or love adding a fresh twist to your iced tea, this cold brew maker lets you tweak every drop of your drink. Take control of your brewing strength and say goodbye to bitterness as you pour yourself into the art of cold brewing without any fuss. Embrace the ease and taste the difference in each glass – let’s make that refreshing summer brew happen!

Price: $24.99

7. Homecraft Electric Iced Tea Maker

Effortless Summer Drinks with Fast Brew Iced Tea Maker


  • Brews delicious iced tea quickly and easily.
  • Fresh homemade taste with the touch of a button.
  • Lightweight at just 4.44 pounds, easy to move around.
  • Compact size fits well on countertops: 14.9 x 11.7 x 7.6 inches.
  • Made by HomeCraft, known for quality kitchen products.
  • Comes with clear instructions for first – time users.

The Homecraft Electric Iced Tea Maker turns your kitchen into a mini café. Imagine inviting friends over and wowing them with fresh iced tea or cold brew coffee in minutes. This machine makes it happen with its fast brewing feature that delivers drinks quicker than you can find your favorite coaster. You won’t have to guess how much water to add either, thanks to the handy pitcher that doubles as a measuring cup.

Let’s talk design – the slim profile of this iced tea maker means it won’t hog counter space, making it perfect for small kitchens or crowded countertops. Plus, the auto shut-off function ensures safety and energy efficiency by powering down once your drink is ready.

Now picture pouring yourself a chilled glass on one of those scorching summer days. The double insulated pitcher keeps things cool without any sweat on the outside so that you get an icy beverage with every pour. With such features at your fingertips, serving up café-quality iced lattes and teas becomes a breeze – leaving you more time to enjoy those lazy afternoons in the sun.


  • Enjoy your favorite iced tea or cold brew fast! Brews in less than 10 minutes.
  • No waiting around – the machine turns off by itself when your drink is ready.
  • Save space with its slim design. Fits perfectly, even in small kitchens!
  • Keep drinks cold longer with a double insulated pitcher that holds up to 2 quarts.


  • Might be too small if you’re serving a large group – the 2-quart pitcher fills up fast.
  • Needs paper filters for brewing, so remember to stock up or you’ll run out!
  • No flavor settings to adjust the strength of your tea or coffee – it’s one-size-brews-all here.

If you love chilling with a refreshing cup of iced tea or cool, smooth coffee on sunny days, the Homecraft Electric Iced Tea Maker is your perfect countertop companion. Picture yourself effortlessly crafting cafe-quality drinks right at home – it’s time to make every sip an event! Grab this space-saver that turns your kitchen into the best summertime coffee bar today.

Price: $27.99

8. Primula Burke Deluxe

Best for Easy, Delicious Home Cold Brews on a Budget


  • Brews coffee with a Coffee Infuser.
  • Easy to clean and Dishwasher Safe.
  • Compact size at 6.88″ deep, 4.73″ wide, and 7.68″ high.
  • Bright Aqua color stands out.
  • Made by the trusted brand Primula.
  • Designed for simple and quick coffee making.

Making cold brew at home just got a breeze with the Primula Burke Deluxe. This coffee maker stands out because it’s user-friendly and fits perfectly in most fridges, just waiting to serve up that smooth cup of joe. Imagine pulling out a sleek aqua carafe filled with rich, homemade cold brew every morning. The sturdy glass can handle your daily use, and cleaning up is no sweat since it’s dishwasher safe.

The mesh filter is where the magic happens – it comes right out, making both setup and cleanup simple. Picture adding your favorite ground coffee, pouring over water, and letting time do its thing. Whether you take your coffee strong or mild, this maker lets you call the shots on flavor intensity by adjusting the brewing time. If you like tinkering to find that perfect taste profile or even if you’re new to cold brew land – you’ll appreciate how hands-on yet straightforward brewing with Primula Burke Deluxe can be.

You don’t need barista skills for craft-quality cold brew anymore; this gem does all the heavy lifting so every sip feels like an indulgence without the fancy cafe price tag! So skip those long lines and steep prices; refreshing summer mornings start right in your own kitchen with Primula’s trusty sidekick by your side.


  • Wake up to awesome cold brew! The Primula Burke Deluxe makes it super easy and cheap. Just add coffee, water, and sleep—it’s that simple.
  • No mess or stress here. This coffee maker is dishwasher safe and has a handy mesh filter. Plus, it fits right in your fridge door.
  • Get crafty with your coffee! Mix in syrups or creamers to make it just how you like. It’s the perfect gift for a friend—or treat yourself!
  • Save time and cash by skipping the cafe line. Make smooth, rich cold brew right at home with the Primula Burke Deluxe Coffee Maker.


  • Some folks might find the mesh filter tricky to clean – coffee grounds love to hang out in those little nooks and crannies.
  • If you’re a big family of coffee lovers, six cups might not cut it; you could end up brewing twice.
  • Glass carafes can be fragile. Handle this one with care, or you might be sweeping up shards instead of sipping brew.

Picture yourself sipping the smoothest cold brew on a hot summer day—that’s what Primula Burke Deluxe promises, and it delivers. This coffee maker fits anyone who loves to indulge in rich, cold coffee at home without fuss. It’s for the thrifty spender who values quality and convenience—just add your favorite grounds, let it sit overnight, and wake up to six cups of pure bliss. Grab one now and transform your mornings with a refreshing homemade brew that rivals any café!

Price: $34.33

9. OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best for Rich, Smooth Home-Brewed Cold Coffee Experiences


  • Easily make cold brew coffee at home with the fully automatic OXO Good Grips Coffee Maker.
  • No batteries needed and comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.
  • Simple to clean by hand, keeping your coffee tasting fresh every time.
  • Includes a reusable stainless steel filter, saving money on paper filters.
  • Designed with a removable tank and special features like an easy pour jug for convenience.
  • Large enough to make several cups at once with dimensions of 9.53″D x 9.53″W x 14.72″H.

The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a game changer for coffee lovers. It’s easy to use and makes delicious, smooth cold brew without the fuss. Just add your favorite coffee grounds and water, let it steep overnight, and you’ve got yourself a concentrate that’s ready when you are. The Rainmaker feature on this 32-ounce powerhouse ensures water covers all the grounds for an even brew, meaning every sip is perfect.

Cleaning up is a breeze since the Coffee Maker comes apart easily. Plus, it nests together to save space in your kitchen. The stainless steel mesh filter isn’t just reusable; it’s also simple to clean – goodbye paper filters! You can store the carafe right in your fridge with its trusty stopper keeping everything sealed and fresh. And when you’re ready for coffee, flip the switch to start filtering – no need to wait or watch over it.

I remember using mine last summer during a backyard brunch with friends. I was able to serve barista-level cold coffee quickly which everyone loved—so much better than running out of iced drinks halfway through! With features like these, who needs trips to the coffee shop? The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker lets you bring gourmet into your everyday life effortlessly.


  • Enjoy your coffee exactly how you like it; the OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker lets you make rich, low – acid coffee concentrate. Perfect for iced or hot drinks!
  • Say goodbye to mess and waste! This nifty brewer breaks down easily for a quick clean – up and fits snugly on your countertop.
  • Keep every drop fresh with the included stopper that seals tight. Your coffee concentrate will always taste just-made.
  • Love smooth coffee? The rainmaker feature ensures water covers all grounds evenly, so each sip is as good as the last!


  • If you forget the paper filters, your coffee might have some extra grounds in it.
  • Cleaning up takes a bit of time because there are several parts to wash.
  • The price can make your wallet feel lighter than other coffee makers on the market.

Imagine sipping on a smooth, chilled coffee that you brewed yourself with the OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker. This gadget is perfect for coffee lovers who crave a rich and low-acid brew they can enjoy hot or cold. If you’re someone who loves to start your day with a refreshing twist or needs an afternoon pick-me-up that’s easy to make, this coffee maker was designed just for you. With its simple cleanup and smart design that looks great on your countertop, it’s a must-have for any coffee enthusiast looking to up their iced coffee game this summer. Make every sip of your summer brew count – grab an OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker today!

Price: $51.95

10. Breville Iced Coffee Maker

Best for Precision Brewing and Quality Iced Coffee Experience


  • Makes iced coffee with a drip coffee machine.
  • You can set it ahead of time to make your coffee when you want.
  • Keeps your coffee warm with a thermal feature.
  • Comes with its own jug for easy pouring.
  • Has a sleek look in brushed stainless steel.
  • Built by Breville, a trusted brand.

The Breville Precision Brewer isn’t just another coffee maker; it’s a game-changer for anyone who loves iced coffee. Imagine sipping on your favorite chilled brew, perfectly crafted to highlight its unique flavors – that’s what this machine does with ease. With six brewing modes, including a specific setting for iced coffee, you get balanced and delicious results every time.

The magic lies in the details: adjust bloom time, flow rate, and temperature to match your coffee’s character – whether it’s fruity or earthy. And if you’re only making a cup for yourself and not using the carafe? No problem! The Steep & Release technology ensures water stays in contact with the grounds long enough to extract those full-bodied flavors we crave in a great cup of coffee.

Let’s say goodbye to bitter or watery iced coffees. This Breville brewer comes with dual filter baskets so you can control how strong or light you want your drink. As someone who used to struggle with getting my homemade iced coffee just right, this feature alone is worth celebrating. Now I enjoy barista-quality drinks without leaving home – perfect when wanting that refreshing summer brew on a hot day!


  • Brews a full 60 oz. of coffee—enough to keep the whole family happy!
  • Comes in sleek stainless steel, adding a modern touch to your kitchen.
  • Easy-to-pack dimensions make moving or storing it a breeze.
  • With just one package, you’ve got everything needed to start brewing right away.


  • The Breville Iced Coffee Maker is a bit heavy at 14.90 pounds; moving it around the kitchen could be tough for some folks.
  • This coffee maker takes up space with its dimensions of 19.49L x 16.39W inches, so people with smaller kitchens might find it tricky to fit on their counters.
  • It lacks built-in ice-making, meaning you’ll need to prepare ice in advance or have an ice machine handy for those chilled coffee drinks.

The Breville Iced Coffee Maker is a perfect match for the coffee enthusiast who craves precision and quality, making it a standout in the top 10 best iced coffee makers for refreshing summer brews. If you love savoring every sip of your cold brew and want a machine that can keep up with your demands, this stainless steel gem is calling your name. Grab yours today and elevate your coffee game to barista-level excellence!

Price: $299.95

Comparison and Review of Top 10 Iced Coffee Makers

Delve into our comprehensive rundown, where we meticulously weigh the pros and cons of these trending iced coffee makers, ensuring you’re equipped with all the know-how to make your summer brews utterly flawless.


Making iced coffee should be quick and easy. That’s why performance matters in choosing the right iced coffee maker. The best ones brew your drink fast without sacrificing taste. Think about it—nobody wants to wait forever for that cool, refreshing sip! Each machine on our top list has been tested for speed and quality.

These cold brew coffee makers also need to handle different kinds of coffee grounds well. They must make a smooth cup every time, whether you like strong or mild flavors. Some even have special features like adjustable strength settings and timers so you can wake up to fresh iced coffee.

With these high-performing machines, making an icy drink is almost as effortless as enjoying it under the summer sun!

Ease of Use

Perfecting your iced coffee at home should be a breeze. You want an iced coffee maker that’s simple to operate. Look for ones with clear instructions and easy-to-understand controls.

A machine that is too complex can ruin the fun of making your own cold brew.

Some models come with handy features like auto shut-off or preset brewing times. Others have detachable parts that make cleaning up quick and painless. No one likes spending ages figuring out how to use a new gadget, so picking an iced coffee maker that gets you from bean to cup without hassle is key for those hot summer days when all you crave is a refreshing chilled brew in your hand fast.


Durability matters a lot when picking an iced coffee maker. You want something that will last through many summers and countless batches of refreshing brews. Good quality machines are made from sturdy materials like stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic.

They stand up to daily use and cleaning without breaking down.

Check for parts that might wear out, such as filters or seals. A well-built cold brew coffee system should have replaceable components to extend its life even further. Trustworthy brands often offer warranties on their chilled coffee brewing devices.

This keeps your investment safe if anything goes wrong. Look for the best cold brew coffee maker with strong build quality so you can enjoy icy drinks year after year without worry.


Iced coffee makers come in different prices to fit any budget. You might find a simple cold brew coffee pot that doesn’t break the bank. But if you want more features, hot and cold brew systems or electric cold brew makers can cost more.

Think about how much you love iced coffee when setting your budget.

The best cold brew coffee maker for you doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Look at what each Iced coffee machine offers versus its price tag. Some of the top 10 best Iced Coffee Makers blend quality with a price that won’t make you sweat before summer even starts! Now, let’s see how customers feel about these machines.

Customer Reviews

People love sharing their thoughts on the iced coffee makers they use. Their reviews help us figure out which one could be best for us. Many say the Jura Z10 makes a top-notch cold brew fast, while others praise the Mr.

Coffee Iced Coffee Maker for its ease and value.

Users are often impressed by how simple the Ninja Specialty is to clean. The Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve draws fans with its compact design and quick brewing times for a single cup of iced coffee.

Loyal customers recommend the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot for its clean taste and straightforward process. They also like that it fits well in most refrigerators. Happy buyers of these machines share stories of sipping delightful chilled coffees even on the hottest days!


Ready to make your summer cooler with delicious iced coffee? The Jura Z10 and Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker top the list for good reason. They are easy to use and fit perfectly in any kitchen.

Grab one today and enjoy a cold, refreshing brew anytime you like!


1. What makes a good iced coffee maker?

A good iced coffee maker should be quick, easy to use, and make consistently delicious cold brew or iced coffee.

2. Can I use regular ground coffee in an iced coffee maker?

Yes, you can typically use regular ground coffee in most iced coffee makers.

3. How long does it take to make iced coffee at home?

Making iced coffee at home usually takes about a few minutes to brew hot over ice; for cold brew methods, it can take anywhere from several hours to overnight.

4. Do some iced coffee makers come with a built-in grinder?

Certain models of iced coffee makers do have a built-in grinder for convenience.

5. Is there a big taste difference between homemade and store-bought iced coffee?

Many people find homemade iced coffee fresher and more flavorful than store-bought versions since you can tailor it to your personal taste.

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