Top 7 Must-Have Brushes For Acrylic Painting: A Comprehensive Review

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Welcome to the vibrant world of acrylic painting! Whether you’re a budding artist or someone refining their craft, selecting the right brushes can be as crucial as the colors on your palette.

Many painters face the challenge of finding brushes that keep up with their creativity while delivering precision and longevity. It’s not just about having any brush in hand but knowing which brush serves what purpose.

Did you know that using the wrong type of brush can actually hinder your artwork? A poor-quality brush might shed bristles onto your canvas or may not hold paint properly, leading to frustration and less-than-ideal results.

That’s why understanding and choosing quality brushes is key to acrylic painting success. Our guide will walk you through seven essential types of brushes that every acrylic painter should have in their toolkit, helping you create art without limits.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Brushes for Acrylic Painting

Choosing the right brushes for acrylic painting can have a significant impact on your painting style and overall outcome. Quality brushes are essential for achieving desired textures, blendings, and brush strokes while using the wrong brushes can result in frustration and subpar results.

Impact on the painting style

Your brush choice deeply affects your acrylic painting style. Different brushes create unique textures and lines on the canvas, allowing for a range of artistic expressions. Round brushes offer fine details while flat brushes give bold, even strokes.

Using filbert brushes can blend colors softly or edge sharply with their oval shape.

Selecting high-quality paintbrushes improves control over the medium. Good brushes hold more paint and give smoother application without leaving stray bristles behind. They help in creating those perfect brush strokes that show an artist’s skill in techniques like dry brushing or layering.

Every stroke matters and the right brush can make all the difference, whether you’re working on fine art or adding vibrant touches to wood crafts.

Need for quality brushes

Good brushes can take your painting to the next level. Quality brushes hold and release paint better. They keep their shape, letting you make precise strokes. Cheap brushes might shed hair or fall apart. This will ruin your artwork’s look.

Choosing the best brushes for acrylic paint matters a lot. They help you apply paint smoothly on canvas or wood. Strong bristles won’t bend too much under pressure. Well-made handles give good control over each stroke you make with your brush techniques for acrylic painting. Using professional acrylic paintbrushes means less frustration and better results on your art project!

Consequences of using the wrong brushes

Using the wrong brushes for acrylic painting can ruin your artwork. Stiff bristles might scrape off paint, leaving bare patches on the canvas. Soft brushes could bend too much, making it hard to control your brush strokes. This means you won’t get the effects you want and may feel frustrated.

Poor-quality brushes shed hairs that stick in the paint, messing up your painting’s surface. The wrong brush size makes details difficult, and large areas can end up looking uneven.

Using watercolor brushes instead of acrylic ones leads to splotchy layers as they don’t hold thick paint well. Your art won’t turn out as you hoped if you don’t pick the right tools. Good technique matters, but even the best artist struggles with flawed brushes.

Top 7 Must-Have Brushes for Acrylic Painting

Take a quick recommendation and check out our product list, or scroll down for more in-depth reviews.

  • Maximum volume and sleek, smooth hair with minimal effort: Round brushes
  • Versatile and Durable Filbert Brushes Set for Acrylic Painting Enthusiasts: Filbert brushes
  • Ideal for beginners, students, and artists seeking versatile, durable brushes: Flat brushes
  • Ideal for precise blending and softening techniques in acrylic painting: Fan brushes
  • Ideal for precision and smooth long lines in acrylic painting: Rigger brushes
  • Precision and detail for acrylic painting enthusiasts: a must-have tool: Liner brushes
  • Ideal for artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals: Angled brushes

Comparison Table

Here’s a 6-column HTML table based on the specifications provided, excluding rank, ASIN, and model number attributes:

Product NamePriceDate First AvailableManufacturerProduct DimensionsPaint Type
Round brushes$18.99Osensia2.6 x 2.6 x 11.6 inches
Filbert brushes$6.99July 8, 2020Jianren11.69 x 4.65 x 0.43 inchesOil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache
Flat brushes$6.95September 3, 2019UPINS7.87 x 3.54 x 0.59 inchesAcrylic
Fan brushes$10.28June 17, 2015Jackson’s Art Supplies Ltd.7.87 x 0.39 x 1.57 inchesWatercolor
Rigger brushes$13.87December 15, 2020XDT Art Supplies12 x 2 x 2 inchesOil, Acrylic, Watercolor
Liner brushes$9.95ZEM BRUSH MFG LLC9.5 x 0.25 x 3 inchesOil, Watercolor, Acrylic
Angled brushes$15.99November 9, 2017GUANMAXUN12.6 x 2.48 x 1.18 inchesOil, Watercolor, Gouache

1. Round brushes

Maximum volume and sleek, smooth hair with minimal effort.


  • Detangling feature for smoother hair
  • Ceramic handle for better grip and heat distribution
  • Round shape for versatile styling options
  • White color for a modern and clean look
  • Compact dimensions for easy storage
  • Manufactured by Osensia, a reputable brand

The Round Brush for Blow Drying shines in giving your hair that salon-quality volume and sleekness. With a medium ceramic ionic thermal barrel, this brush works magic with a blow dryer to speed up drying and boost shine. The extra-large vents allow more airflow, making drying quicker and leaving your hair smooth without any frizz.

Its design fits all hair lengths, providing waves just right—not too flat, not too overdone. The bristles are worth noting: they massage the scalp while standing strong against heat damage. Because of these features, we pick this round brush as number one for creating stylish looks with ease. Whether you have straight or curly hair, it helps achieve professional results at home.

Use Osensia’s round brush with their complete styling system for an enhanced effect—think moisturized locks packed with shine from root to tip. This isn’t just a regular round hairbrush; it’s lightweight and ergonomic, simplifying the styling process no matter your skill level. You can count on this tool to deliver lasting hairstyles that turn heads throughout the day.


  • Achieve perfect waves and maximum volume for both short and long hair with the perfect-sized round brush.
  • Enjoy reduced drying time, added shine, and frizz-free hair thanks to the extra-large vents in the ceramic ionic thermal barrel.
  • Experience flawless volume without looking overdone using the medium round styling brush, along with an easy-to-use section pin tip for precision.
  • Benefit from antistatic, ionic, mineral-infused bristles that promote healthier hair while providing a massaging effect on the scalp and preventing damage.


  • May not be suitable for those seeking a very large or small barrel-size
  • Depending on hair type and preferences, the bristles may feel too stiff or too soft for some users
  • Some users may find the price point to be higher compared to similar products

The ideal customer for the Round Brush for Blow Drying is someone who desires maximum volume and sleek, smooth hair with minimal effort. If you want a brush that reduces drying time, adds shine, and eliminates frizz, try our medium ceramic ionic thermal barrel brush today!

Price: $18.99

2. Filbert brushes

Versatile and Durable Filbert Brushes Set for Acrylic Painting Enthusiasts.


  • Filbert brushes come in a set of 12 pieces, covering different sizes from 1 to 12.
  • The bristles are made of flagged nylon for smooth and precise strokes.
  • Suitable for various paint types such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, and gouache.
  • Crafted with high – quality wood and copper ferrules for durability.
  • Generously sized at 11.69 x 4.65 x 0.43 inches for ease of use and storage.
  • Manufactured by Jianren under the brand GETHPEN with an item model number F988 – 12.

Filbert Paint Brushes Set stands out as a strong number two in our lineup for its impressive mix of quality and practicality. With a set of 12 synthetic nylon tip brushes, artists get a full range to tackle any project. These white short wooden-handled Filbert brushes give painters control and precision whether they’re working with acrylics, oils, or watercolors. The soft bristles glide smoothly across the canvas, allowing for both broad strokes and fine detailing.

The durability of these brushes is noteworthy; they feature secure aluminum crimped ferrules to prevent shedding and handle the demands of frequent use. Easy to clean and reshape after each painting session, artists can maintain their tools in top condition hassle-free, ensuring that every stroke on the canvas is as intended. Plus, the satisfaction guarantee gives buyers peace of mind – if you aren’t happy with your purchase for any reason, you can ask for a refund or replacement.

We picked this product as number two because it offers professional-grade versatility at an accessible price point – perfect for serious hobbyists looking to up their game without breaking the bank. Whether rendering subtle shades in a portrait or bold hues in landscape work, these Filbert brushes connect quality craftsmanship with creative passion effortlessly, making them an essential asset in any artist’s toolkit.


  • Purchase without risk with our satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy care and reshaping for long-lasting quality
  • Anti-shedding synthetic nylon and durable wooden handles
  • Professional Filbert shape brushes in various sizes


  • Filbert brushes may be more challenging for beginners to control due to their unique shape.
  • Some users may prefer natural bristles over synthetic nylon bristles for a different painting experience.
  • The plastic storage container included with the set could be of higher quality and durability.

For the acrylic painting enthusiast looking for durable and versatile brushes, the Filbert Paint Brushes Set is a must-have addition to your art supplies. Elevate your painting experience with this professional kit. Add these essential brushes to your cart today!

Price: $6.99

3. Flat brushes

Ideal for beginners, students, and artists seeking versatile, durable brushes.


  • 30 – piece flat brush set
  • Bristle type: synthetic nylon
  • Suitable for acrylic paint
  • Dowel handle made of wood
  • Brush width: 7mm
  • Lightweight at 2.82 ounces

The UPINS 30 Pcs Flat Paint Brushes set is a great pick for artists who work with various mediums. These brushes come in handy for detail painting, making them versatile for projects that range from acrylics to face painting. With synthetic nylon bristles, they hold paint well and deliver smooth strokes. The aluminum ferrules are sturdy, ensuring no wiggling or shedding occurs during your creative process.

Easy control is key when painting fine details, and the short handles on these flat brushes give you just that. They’re perfect for children learning to paint or adults tackling intricate designs. Cleaning these brushes is a breeze; warm soapy water does the trick and keeps them in good shape for repeated use.

Ranked number three on our list because of their quality and value, these flat brushes stand out. Their multifunctional nature appeals to painters across different styles and techniques. With 30 pieces in one pack, this set offers enough quantity for classroom settings or individual artists who go through many brushes during their art sessions. UPINS provides an affordable option without compromising on quality—making it a smart choice for detailed artwork.


  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water and reshape for reuse
  • Versatile for various painting needs: watercolor, oil, gouache, acrylic, body, nail, face painting, miniatures, models, ceramics
  • Durable with synthetic nylon hair and sturdy aluminum ferrules and plastic handles
  • Short handle design provides easy control for kids, students or beginners


  • Shedding: Some users reported that the brushes shed bristles during use.
  • Handle Durability: A few customers noted that the plastic handles are not as durable as they would prefer.
  • Limited Color Options: The brushes only come in a single color, which may not suit everyone’s preferences.

This set of flat brushes is perfect for beginners, students, and artists looking for a versatile and durable option to meet all their painting needs. Dive into the world of acrylic painting with UPINS 30 Pcs Flat Paint Brushes – your go-to choice for precision and variety in brush strokes.

Price: $6.95

4. Fan brushes

Ideal for precise blending and softening techniques in acrylic painting.


  • Natural animal hair bristles
  • Specifically designed for watercolor painting
  • Medium size with stippler color
  • Manufactured by Jackson’s Art Supplies Ltd.
  • Not discontinued
  • Lightweight at 0.32 ounces

The Jackson’s Stippler Fan Brush is a standout in the world of art supplies. Its natural hair bristles are thick and short, giving artists more control for detailed work. This medium-sized fan brush works wonders when painting trees and bushes. The stiff bristles make stippling simple, while also being perfect for smooth blending on canvas. Painters will appreciate how it holds paint and spreads color evenly, making their creations come to life.

When using this fan brush, artists can add texture to their acrylic paintings easily. Imagine creating lifelike leaves or feathering clouds across the sky; that’s what you get with this tool. It has a 25 mm width which is ideal for both broad strokes and finer details without switching brushes. The 10 mm hair length ensures good coverage with each stroke.

For anyone serious about acrylic painting, the Jackson’s Stippler Fan Brush is essential in your toolkit. It adds depth to artwork through its unique design that caters well to various techniques typical in acrylics like dry brushing or glazing over layers without disrupting them beneath.


  • Versatile application for various techniques such as blending, stippling, and creating textures.
  • Efficient coverage and gentle blending due to the broad fan shape design.
  • Ideal for creating delicate details and subtle effects in painting or makeup application.
  • Suitable for both wet and dry mediums, allowing for diverse artistic expressions.


  • Bristles may shed during initial use
  • May require frequent cleaning due to fan shape trapping more pigment
  • Not suitable for precise application

Ideal for acrylic painting enthusiasts seeking precise blending and softening techniques, the JAckson’s Stippler Fan Brush in medium size offers controlled application and delicate detailing. Elevate your artistry with this versatile tool.

Price: $10.28

5. Rigger brushes

Ideal for precision and smooth long lines in acrylic painting.


  • Rigger brushes – available in 6 sizes (#000 #00 #0 #1 #2 #3)
  • Made with flagged bristles for precise and detailed painting
  • Suitable for use with oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints
  • Lightweight design with nylon bristles, wooden handles, and copper ferrules
  • High customer ratings of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 725 reviews
  • Manufactured by XDT Art Supplies

The XDT#830 rigger artist paint brush set stands out with its extra-long, fine point liner tips. This six-piece collection includes various sizes ranging from #000 to #3, giving artists the flexibility to create delicate lines and details in their work. Made from high elastic nylon fibers, these brushes promise smooth strokes and a strong snap that’s perfect for painting fine lines in oil, watercolor, or acrylic.

Artists who enjoy scale models or detailed nail art will find these rigger brushes particularly useful due to their precision. Imagine effortlessly adding thin rigging to model ships or achieving intricate designs on nails—this is where the XDT#830 shines. With its varied size options, this set allows for versatility, whether you’re outlining details or completing tight spaces within a piece.

Moreover, the durable build of these paintbrushes ensures they hold up to repeated use without fraying easily. The design choices made in crafting the XDT#830 cater well to both beginners who are just starting out with acrylic painting and seasoned artists looking for reliable tools that deliver consistent results across different mediums.


  • Made from high-elastic nylon fibers
  • Designed for making fine, smooth, hassle-free long lines
  • Includes 6 different sizes in a set: #000 #00 #0 #1 #2 #3
  • Also known as a liner or script brush


  • Limited color versatility
  • Not suitable for broad, bold strokes
  • Requires proper care to maintain brush tip quality

Are you an acrylic painting enthusiast looking for precision and smooth, long lines in your artwork? The XDT#830 Rigger Artist Paint Brush 6 Piece Set, with its six different sizes, is the ideal addition to your toolkit. Elevate your artistry today!

Price: $13.87

6. Liner brushes

Precision and detail for acrylic painting enthusiasts: a must-have tool.


  • Made in USA or imported
  • No batteries required
  • Not discontinued by the manufacturer
  • 4.6 out of 5 – star customer rating
  • Synthetic bristle type
  • Suitable for oil, watercolor, and acrylic paint

Liner brushes are a game changer for artists who love to add fine details to their paintings. The Golden Synthetic Long Script Liners come in sizes 20/0, 10/0, 5/0, and 0, perfect for those tiny lines and intricate patterns that make your artwork pop. Made in the USA with high-quality synthetic filaments, these brushes promise no shedding and maintain sharp points and edges even after heavy use.

Whether you’re using acrylics or watercolors on canvas or adding delicate touches to painted nails with gel, these brushes deliver exceptional control. Their short handles mean your hand is closer to the work surface, giving you more precision over every stroke. Artists often find them essential for signing a finished piece or painting whiskers on an animal portrait.

With a satisfaction guarantee backing them up, these liner brushes offer quality without risk. Imagine painting long flowing hair on a fairy tale character or outlining letters in a calligraphy piece – this set can handle it all with ease! A well-equipped artist’s kit would not be complete without versatile tools like these liners that make detailed work not only possible but enjoyable, too.


  • Versatile use for art: Suitable for acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting.
  • Precision in detail work: Perfect for intricate designs and tiny details with brush sizes 20/0 to 0.
  • Reliable quality: Sturdy synthetic filament that does not shed, providing good points and edges.
  • Multi-purpose application: Can also be used for gel nail art.


  • Limited color options for the brush handles.
  • May not be ideal for extremely fine, intricate details due to their relatively stiff bristles.
  • Some users may find the short handle uncomfortable for extended use.

If you’re an acrylic painting enthusiast looking for precision and detail, our Liner brushes are a must-have addition to your collection. Elevate your artistry and take your creations to the next level with these high-quality synthetic brushes. Try them out today and see the difference!

Price: $9.95

7. Angled brushes

Ideal for artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals.


  • Angled brushes with long handles for comfortable and precise painting
  • Made of synthetic bristles and durable wood, suitable for oil, watercolor, and gouache
  • Set includes 9 pieces in various sizes to cater to different artistic needs
  • Filbert brush shape for versatile application and smooth blending
  • Compact product dimensions of 12.6 x 2.48 x 1.18 inches for easy storage and transport
  • Manufactured by GUANMAXUN under the Amagic brand, ensuring quality craftsmanship

The Amagic 9Pcs Filbert Art Paintbrush Set stands out with its high-quality synthetic nylon bristles. These brushes are perfect for artists who need tools that stay intact without shedding. The bristles are soft and flexible, allowing for smooth strokes in a variety of mediums like watercolor, acrylics, ink, gouache, oil, and tempera.

Each brush in this set has an ergonomic long handle. This design gives a comfortable grip which makes painting for hours much easier on the hands. The included storage container keeps brushes safe and makes it simple to take them anywhere you go. With sizes ranging from #0 to #16, this set is suited for every artist, whether a beginner or professional.

Artists will find these filbert pointed tip brushes absorbent and springy. They work well for broad strokes as well as fine details in paintings. Plus they’re easy to clean – just use solvent or warm water after each painting session to keep them in top shape.


  • Angled brush tips made of pure nylon hair for softness, ductility, and flexibility.
  • Portable container made of durable translucent polypropylene plastic to protect the brushes from damage.
  • Ergonomic handles with long solid wooden design for a perfect balance between comfort and consistent paint strokes.
  • Set of 9 brushes in various sizes suitable for professionals, art students, beginners, kids, or hobby painters.


  • Nylon hair may not offer the same texture as natural bristles
  • The handle length may not be comfortable for all users
  • Some artists might prefer different brush shapes or sizes

The Angled brushes are perfect for artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Elevate your painting experience with these versatile and durable brushes.

Price: $15.99

Tips for Choosing the Right Brushes for Your Acrylic Painting

Consider the type of paint and surface you will be working with, as different brushes are better suited for specific materials. Determine the size and flexibility of the brush based on your painting style and needs.

Look for high-quality, durable brushes that can withstand frequent use and experimentation to find your favorite brushes for acrylic painting.

Consider paint type and surface

Different acrylic paints work best with certain brushes. Thick, heavy-bodied paints need stiff bristles that can push the paint around. Soft body or fluid acrylics go well with softer brushes that can glide across the surface.

Your painting surface matters, too! Rough canvases chew up fine bristles, so use tougher brushes there. For smooth panels, finer bristle brushes will do a great job laying down even layers of paint.

Choose synthetic bristles for acrylics because they withstand water better and keep their shape. Natural hairs can soak up too much water and go limp. Think about the texture you want to create, too.

Bristle shapes affect your brush strokes on different surfaces. A flat brush makes bold, straight lines on wood; round ones are perfect for detailed work on canvas. Always pick brushes that match the detail level you’re aiming for in your art project.

Determine brush size and flexibility

Now that you’ve considered the paint type and surface, it’s time to determine the right brush size and flexibility for your acrylic painting. The brush size influences the coverage and details, with smaller brushes suitable for intricate work and larger ones for broader strokes.

Additionally, consider flexibility – stiffer bristles offer better control for precise lines while softer ones are great for blending and smooth finishes. Always match these factors to your painting style and technique.

Remember, choosing the appropriate brush size and flexibility is crucial in achieving your desired results in acrylic painting.

Look for quality and durability

Once you’ve figured out the right brush size and flexibility for your acrylic painting, it’s essential to focus on quality and durability. High-quality brushes with durable bristles ensure longevity and consistent performance, making them a valuable investment for your artistic endeavors.

Opting for well-made brushes crafted with sturdy materials guarantees reliable use over time and maintains the integrity of your brush strokes.

When selecting brushes, pay attention to the craftsmanship and materials used, as this directly impacts their ability to withstand frequent use without compromising on performance.

Experiment to find favorites

Try out different brush types, sizes, and shapes to see which ones work best for your acrylic painting style. Test various brands and materials to find the brushes that suit your preferences and budget. See how different brushes handle paint application on various surfaces like canvas, wood, or paper.


When it comes to acrylic painting, choosing the right brushes is crucial. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist, having the top 7 must-have brushes will elevate your work.

For flawless strokes and precise detailing, consider investing in round brushes and filbert brushes for superior quality and performance. Embark on your artistic journey with these essential tools!


What are the best brushes for acrylic painting?

The top brushes for acrylic painting include flat, round, filbert, and detail brushes for various techniques and details.

Do I need to spend a lot on buying these brushes?

You can find high-quality acrylic paint brushes at different price points to fit your budget and needs.

Can these brushes be used for other types of painting?

While primarily designed for acrylics, many of these brushes can also be used with oil or watercolor paints as well.

How do I maintain and clean these acrylic paintbrushes?

Clean the brushes thoroughly after each use using mild soap and warm water. Proper storage will also help maintain their shape and quality.

Where can I purchase these must-have acrylic paintbrushes?

These top 7 must-have acrylic paintbrushes can be purchased at art supply stores, online retailers, or directly from manufacturers’ websites.

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